Winning Made Easy

My favourite moment in yesterday’s otherwise “dullfest” of a Super Bowl, was the broadcaster’s quote:

I know it’s only the first quarter, but take a look at this pie chart!

Because, who doesn’t want to look at a pie chart in the middle of a football game? Still, the chart did have a purpose — it was to show you that one team was clearly getting a larger slice of the plays, and the other was bound for an empty-crust defeat.

It occurred to me, that coaches of sports teams must become great presenters if they have any hope of success. The ability to convince a group of overpaid (and vastly overfed) NFL stars that your way is the best way — the team’s best chance of winning — is not easily come by. The locker room, like the boardroom, is a battleground of persuasion. For example, here we see that the O’s have the clear advantage over the X’s, as they understand their roles and what they are supposed to do. The X’s are just standing there… wondering why they don’t get any pie.


My advice when talking strategy — keep it simple. Overcomplicating a plan will lead to fumbles, incomplete passes, and a lot of people tripping over each other. If you’re using slides to demonstrate your strategy, sometimes a minimalist approach will help clear away the confusion and keep people focused on the task at hand.

And with that, I give you my personal strategy to win at football, one we will no doubt see deployed at Super Bowl LI.



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