Show Me You Love Me


It really doesn’t matter how many times you tell me — you can say it over and over again — it won’t make any difference. You need to show me you love me. You need to prove it.

Valentines Day is the perfect time, not just to treat your lover to a fresh bunch of flowers that will just wither and die, but to practice the old adage… show, don’t tell.

This is something I learned in theatre school. Exposition is boring and it doesn’t tell the real story. For example, shouting “I love you” as you walk out the door and head on down to the pub for a beer will not exactly resonate as a show of affection. Whereas, perhaps, tying your girlfriend down with silk ribbons and lathering her with liquid chocolate and then…

Okay just forget I said that. You get the picture.

Or do you? If you do, it’s only because I used an example that appeals to your senses. It’s visual, and tactile. It shows, doesn’t tell. Whether expressing your deep burning love for your partner, or trying to convince a client that you really do care, this is a very important principle. It matters, both in the bedroom and in the boardroom. Just be careful not to mix them up…

And by the way, if you’re trying to win my affection, nothing quite says “I love you” like a vodka martini.

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