7 Sexy Slides You Must See!


I know you’ve done it. I’ll grant you, probably with a little trepidation and maybe a touch of guilt. You’ve landed on a website and clicked the link that promises “7 photos of naked celebrities you don’t want to miss!” The lists abound these days and they always seem to have an arbitrary number that suggests they are exclusive — like there really are only 7 naked celebrities you want to see. The 8th was most likely going to be Harvey Keitel, and we’ve all seen that one quite enough, thank you. Of course 6 would not have been enough, because they’d have had to cut Jennifer Aniston, and really isn’t that the reason we clicked it in the first place?

So, you see, these numbers are absolute. There really are 24 overweight celebrities who need’t take another bite, and there are 15 celebrities that look exactly like another celebrity!

Actually… there are 30 of those.

Anyway, when you’re done googling the two lists I just referred to, I’ve decided to capitalize on this age of list sharing and bring to you something special. It’s special, because it’s not about the rich, famous and fat. It’s about you.

I know you have what it takes to be a great presenter, and I’ve put together some slides to demonstrate this fact. Now, I did have the help of one particular celebrity — a little girl that is well known around Riverside in Toronto. She’s my Boston Terrier. She’s Luna, the Tuna. Luna would like to demonstrate to you 7 reasons why you are a strong presenter.

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